A church builder you can believe in.

Churches answer to a higher calling. But when they construct a new sanctuary, their building committees must also answer to congregations and church leadership. WBK has a great deal of experience creating houses of worship. And as with every project we undertake, we’re committed to doing the right thing.

As a contractor with a deep understanding of church projects, WBK realizes there are many stakeholders involved in the process. The staff, building committee and congregation must all be on board with the plans. And diplomacy is called for if everyone is to be inspired by and pleased with the new facility.

To create a successful project for your church, you have to begin with the right approach. We start by developing a personal relationship with the building committee and the church leadership. Once we have rapport and understand what matters most to all the parties, we can move forward accordingly.

It is the strength of this genuine relationship that carries us forward both in good and trying times. Our personal interest in your project enables us to achieve the ideal end result for everyone involved.

A legacy built on a strong foundation.

WBK is a statewide leader in religious construction services. We successfully completed our first church project more than 40 years ago, and we’ve built more than 80 since then. Our resume includes new church campuses, sanctuaries, family life centers, additions, educational buildings, administration buildings, gymnasiums, kitchens, fire damage renovations, nurseries and remodeling work.

Beyond our expertise as a contractor to churches, we’re also a partner through the process. Not only are we financially sound, we’re financially responsible.

  • Grace Community ChurchPlano, Texas
    50,000 square feet

  • Museum of Biblical ArtDallas, Texas
    40,000 square feet

  • Northwest Bible ChurchDallas, Texas
    30,000 square feet

  • Sweetwater Baptist Church RenovationSweetwater, Texas
    50,000 square feet

Looking out for everyone’s best interest.

WBK was short-listed for a new signature sanctuary in North Texas against another well-respected firm. The fees were similar and the decision was to be made using a team interview process. We were told that we were awarded the project because of the following dialogue that took place at the interview.

One of the building committee members was in the plumbing business. During the interview, he told the WBK team who he was and what he did. He then asked if WBK would be okay with his firm performing the plumbing services for the project at cost. Kirk Kibler said, “We will consider it, but probably not.” The room went silent. All eyes looked to the plumbing company owner who asked, “Could you elaborate?” Kibler did and made a number of points.

Kibler was later told that after the WBK team left the interview, the committee chairman asked the plumbing owner his thoughts about what Kibler said. He replied, “He’s not a ‘yes’ man, and he’s probably right. That’s the company we want.”

The project was a phenomenal success, and owner and architect references are available upon request.