Building for a brighter future.

Schools and educational facilities are the cornerstones of the communities they serve. And children are the future. So when a school district decides to build a new structure, we understand there’s a lot riding on the outcome. Fortunately, WBK has extensive knowledge in this area of construction to make your experience as smooth as possible.

While superintendents and administrators wear many hats, a hard hat usually isn’t one of them. But you don’t have to be educated about construction when you work with WBK. We’ll guide you through it all so you know exactly what to expect.

We’re sensitive to the fact that school projects are usually big events funded by a bond election, and that means that you and the school board must answer to the community. You can’t afford for your building not to be ready when the academic year starts.

As a contractor who treats everyone right, WBK fosters strong relationships with the best vendors and top subcontractors. The people we work with often follow us all around the state. And that means we not only get the job done correctly, we get it done on schedule.

Our most personal relationships, however, are with our customers. We believe in doing the right thing by them every time. And in education, that means delivering innovative, diverse solutions while being honest, trusted stewards of the district’s funds. At WBK, we don’t just want a project. We want a customer for life.

A smarter approach to building schools.

In addition to construction, WBK understands the business of schools. We’re keenly aware of their operations, functions and needs. And as we review the plans and specs for your facility, this knowledge gives us an advantage in delivering a superior product.

We have the experience to spot potential problem areas in the schedule, plans or the budget up front, reducing the chance of costly mistakes or gaps in the timeline. As a contractor with a considerable track record building K-12 institutions, we also have a better understanding of the unique requirements of these buildings.

Of course, you can’t build a school or stadium if the bond isn’t approved to fund it. But even there, we can help. We have extensive experience and expertise helping other districts pass bond elections.

  • Wylie Middle School – AerialAbilene, Texas
    55,000 square feet

  • Trinity Christian AcademyAddison, Texas
    50,000 square feet

  • Bronte ISDBronte, Texas
    Athletic Facilities

  • Robert Lee ISD High SchoolRobert Lee, Texas
    70,000 square feet

  • AC Williams Elementary SchoolCommerce, Texas
    65,000 square feet

  • Haskell ISDHaskell, Texas
    25,000 square feet

  • Robert Lee ISD High School - GymnasiumRobert Lee, Texas
    70,000 square feet

  • Wylie Middle SchoolAbilene, Texas
    55,000 square feet

We could teach an advanced course in building college facilities.

University and college facilities are similar to other educational facilities, but they involve many additional considerations and requirements. The contractor qualification process can be more drawn out as well.

Dormitories, pedestrians, vehicle traffic needs and 24-hour access demands, along with regimented procedures and enforcement for most construction activities, require a contractor who understands and acknowledges these realities. We do.

  • SMU LibraryJake & Nancy Hamon Arts Library
    Dallas, Texas
    85,000 square feet

  • Midwestern State University – Locker RoomWichita Falls, Texas
    55,000 square feet

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Helping communities pass school bonds with flying colors.

We have extensive experience with helping communities pass their bond programs. When we work with school districts right from the start, we have never been associated with a failed bond election.

We’ll be happy to explain what we can do and how we do it, as well as provide you with the names and contact information of satisfied customers who have success stories. Just contact us for a meeting.

When it comes to sports venues, no other builder can compete.

When it comes to sports, we’re game for just about anything. Football fields, sports floors, equestrian facilities, tennis facilities, field houses, locker rooms, weight rooms, handball and squash courts, rock climbing walls – we’ve done it all.

The fact is, athletic facilities are often the focal point for your entire community. So it’s critical to make sure they’re built right and completed on time and on budget. WBK has championship credentials in constructing these types of venues.

Just as important, we always do the right thing, so you’ll be pleased with the experience when you put us on your team. As we like to say, “When we finish the job, you’ll still like us.”

Having them ready for the Friday night lights.

WBK was selected to build a new football field and track for a school district customer in West Texas under one condition: have it completed and ready for the first football game of the season. The schedule was critical because the first game to be played at the new field was against a team from the Pacific Northwest. Students, faculty, athletes and families were traveling from thousands of miles away to participate, and the match was planned more than a year in advance.

As we began work on the field, we discovered a data line was buried under the middle of the new football field. No one in the district or on the design team knew it was there. When we contacted the utility company to have it relocated, they told us it would be 90 days before they could move it. Obviously, this timeframe was unacceptable for our customer.

Using industry-approved methods, we relocated the line around the field, creating an easement for access and inspection. This added an additional 7 days to an already tight schedule. But, by moving to 10-hour days and working weekends, we successfully completed the project on time, and the game was held on the scheduled date. The school district incurred no additional costs as a result of the unforeseen condition. And we’re proud to add that this was our third project for this school district.